Shall I Stop my SEO Services after a good ranking?

So, you have ranked your website pretty well, and are in two minds if you continue with your SEO Services or stop it. You might be thinking why do I need SEO Services and keep on paying someone when you are already ranking. Well, I might be a very good candidate for answering that question.

Back in the days, I was ranking for a lot of keywords around the WordPress Developer niche locally here in Sydney. At that time, I was working full time too. And then I thought I don’t need to do side hustle and why keep on investing extra effort when things are going great. I had been running a website that did well in SEO, always did. But it did lose some momentum when I was out of the game for a couple of years.

But on bright side, I was still ranking for the main keywords. Fast forward now, I am not numbering in those keywords anymore, but still around the top 5 rankings. I did lose some rankings in between but was able to claw back.

So, coming to the main point. Shall I stop my SEO after good rankings? If I have to say in one word, it’s a big NO. No in case if the website is bread and butter of your main income. Keep in mind there is always someone behind you trying to steal your spot. And, SEO is way too competitive now, if you lose your spot it might be really hard to get it back.

It takes effort to maintain ranking

So your SEO Services got you the ranking you wanted. But that isn’t the end of your SEO. Getting a good ranking is one thing, but maintaining the ranking or going even higher is another.

Keep in mind, there are hundreds of businesses trying to outrank you. And most likely they are spending like you are on SEO too. You have to be thankful if your SEO Agency is doing a good job for you, rather than thinking of moving on, you have to think about getting higher, or at least maintaining your rankings. Being in page # 1 should be your long term goals.

There are new areas to target

I am 100% sure regardless of what niche you are, there are always new keywords to target. You might take focus out of your current keyword that you are doing well, you can shift budget to new avenues. What this does is it will build your website authority around new keywords, and Google will reward you handsomely over the long term.

Let me give you an example, in my case though I had been predominantly WordPress focused with my website, you will be surprised how quickly my websites are getting crawled even for some competitive keywords. I normally go for long tail location specific keywords. I think this is basically all built around my years of commitment and relevancy with the topic.

So in precise, try to build relevancy around new keywords and services.

Keep on focusing

As in my case, I did lose some interest because I didn’t want to do much side hustle. But one thing that I had kept running my website is out of love and passion and on top of that whenever I applied for a new web developer, my rankings stand out and it makes my life a lot easier to land new roles.

SEO is always changing and there are new things to learn and test. You never know when things can go wrong a bit. And your closest competitor outranks you. Trust me when saying, ranking #1 and #2 for a keyword makes a lot of difference. And if it is high volume and high competitive keywords, the cost of lost opportunities is even bigger. So, rather than being arrogant, focus on more I would say.

Focus on improving CRO (Conversion rate Optimization)

Conversion rate optimization is one thing most of the website owners or even SEOs neglect.

Who doesn't like good traffic to the website? Conversion rate optimization focuses around the data driven process where you want a website visitor to make a targeted action, which can be filling a form, making a purchase, signing up a newsletter etc. But conversions are key to the success of any business. So, if your visitor only lands on your website without fulfilling any of your business goals, conversion rate optimization can be your next big thing.

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