I have been an avid SEO – self taught myself and have ranked a lot of clients websites just based on good proper front end coding. I was always a Google fan too. Primarily a WordPress Developer but I have achieved some solid SEO results too.

Ask me why? Because once I discovered SEO, I had improved a lot as a developer, specially my front end side of coding. I can recall myself learning Google’s guideline on SEO and loving it. Even the basic optimization helped in ranking back in the days. It still does but not as it used to. But I have grown as an SEO too.

I am running Fantastic SEO Services primarily for two main reasons. Firstly, I want to improve my SEO even more and I want to blog regularly now. Maybe do some video in future, but that is on pipeline.

Secondly, during my market research I found out that not all the agencies and so many agencies either don’t do SEO or they do it wrong and I want to provide my clients SEO as part of my services, as I honestly think I do good work compared to many agencies around here in Sydney.